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Download the convenient Triphop mobile app for a full-service experience wherever your travels take you. Find hotel deals, book rooms, manage rewards, and view important account info, including upcoming stays and your rewards balance, from your phone, tablet, or mobile device.

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Search our selection of more than 500,000 hotels in popular destinations worldwide from your phone or mobile device. Easily find deals of up to 15% Cash Back anywhere, any time.

Simply register, download the app, and find amazing deals on a wide variety of hotels across the globe. From luxury boutiques to major hotel brands, you can search for the perfect booking that offers the best reward of all: cash.


The Triphop app lets you book hotel rooms with fantastic cash rewards from the convenience of your favorite mobile device. Whether you’re booking a special, once-in-a-lifetime vacation or multiple business trips, Triphop’s mobile app streamlines the booking process, making it easy, convenient, and available where and when you need it. The app also helps you manage your bookings by displaying and organizing important information, such as upcoming trips, past stays, and unredeemed rewards. And if you ever have any trouble with your booking, Triphop’s support staff is available 24 hours a day to make it right.


Each night you stay at a hotel you booked through Triphop’s user-friendly app, you earn money. Cash. Moola. No points, blackout dates, or coupons. The money earned for each stay shows up in your Triphop account as soon as you check out of the hotel, and our mobile app provides a real-time accounting of your cash balance.

you the money and then helps you get your hands on it so you can spend it when and how you want.

Book hotels and manage your UNLoyalty rewards from your phone

Download the Triphop app to book hotels and manage your unrestricted Cash Back rewards anytime, anywhere.



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Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you'll be surprised by the amount of Cash Back you can accrue! Don't forget to register an account before you book to get your Cash Back!

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Check in to your hotel when you arrive just like always. We hope that you have an amazing experience, but if anything is wrong with your booking our support team is available 24 hours a day to help you out.

Earn Cash Back

Every night you stay, you will be collecting Cash Back! No points, no black out dates and most importantly no restrictions. As soon as you check out you will be able to see the cash added to your account.