The Best Hotel Rewards Are From Triphop

Triphop was founded in 2017 with a bold objective: to offer our members a simple, stress-free hotel booking experience with the best price guarantee and best hotel rewards - up to 15% Cash Back on every stay. And that’s what makes us the best hotel rewards site hands down.

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Cash Back: The Best Kind of Reward

And here’s the really cool thing - Triphop is your go-to hotel booking site with best rewards that come in the form of cash. When you book with Triphop through our website or mobile app, the hotel pays us a commission. We split our commission with you as Cash Back. That means, every time you book through Triphop, you can earn up to 15% Cash Back on your stay.

Because Cash Back with Triphop is hassle-free - no time restrictions or useless points to redeem – you’re free to use your cash rewards whenever you like, however you like. Simple, right?No matter where you’re traveling, we’ve got you covered.

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