Triphop is the hotel rewards program you’ve always wanted.

How many times have you signed up for a travel rewards program only to be frustrated by blackout dates, useless points that are impossible to redeem, and highly restrictive “rewards” that must be used at certain chains or locations? We’ve been frustrated too, and that’s why we launched Triphop.

Triphop gives you the best reward of all for hotel stays: cash. Cash that can be used anytime, anywhere, for anything because it’s not points or hotel coupons or savings, it’s cash. Cold, hard cash as soon as you check out of the hotel room you booked on Triphop.

We like giving away cash so much that Triphop offers more cash rewards than any other hotel booking site. When you see that money back in your account at checkout, think about how you can use it to treat yourself.

Getting Cash Back is Simple

Just spend 30 seconds creating an account on Triphop and then you are free to search our selection of 500,000 hotels in popular destinations worldwide and book through our website or mobile app.

Booking your hotel should be about getting the best deal on the best room, where and when you want to stay. But Triphop is so much more than just a hotel booking site. We offer some of the best hotel discounts and hotel deals available anywhere

When you search for hotel rooms through Triphop, you’ll see rewards of up to 15% Cash Back for each property and date of travel. Simply book one of these offers, stay at the hotel, and earn cash for each night you stay. We’ll deposit cash in your Triphop account as soon as you check out. No gimmicks, no surveys, no points, and no runaround. Just cash that can be easily transferred into your PayPal account or mailed as a check to your home or office.

Great Hotel Selection for All Types of Travelers

We designed Triphop with the business traveler in mind, but we have something to offer all travelers, from casual vacationers to frequent flyers. Our large selection of hotel rooms can accommodate almost any taste and budget.

Why settle for flimsy, hard-to-redeem rewards that can only be earned at one chain whose nearest hotel might be 20 miles from your destination? Our website features a wide variety of hotels in locations across the globe, from well-known brands to luxury boutiques.

Triphop doesn’t unload cheap hotel rooms, we offer a wide variety of accommodations with no black-out days and cash rewards of up to 15% at 500,000 hotels worldwide. The more nights you spend in a hotel, the more cash you earn simply by being a Triphop member and booking through our fast, easy process.

We don’t sell hotel coupons or mail-in rebates; Triphop gives you Cash Back automatically as soon as you check out. Can you think of any better way to get a hotel room?

You’re Number One

You, the traveler, are our number one priority. We prove this with our straightforward system of rewarding hotel stays with cash as well as our commitment to making your Triphop experience as simple and efficient as possible. Traveling can be stressful enough on its own, so rest easy knowing our support team is available 24 hours a day if you experience any difficulty with your booking.

What is Triphop? Triphop is what other travel rewards programs promise to be but never live up to. We help you earn cash every night you stay in a hotel – no points, no blackout dates, no gimmicks, no headaches, and no excuses. Just upfront Cash Back deals on a variety of hotels in destinations throughout the world. Triphop is travel the way you always wanted it to be: easy and rewarding.