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We search millions of hotel rates at over 650,000 hotels to find the absolute best hotels rates and email them to you.

Average savings $300/year

How much? On average, Triphop Pass rates are 25% lower than the best hotel rates available online. Search and compare our rates in worldwide destinations, all included in Triphop's free subscription.

Free Room Hold℠

How easy! See a rate you like? Book it right away or use our 24-hour Free Room Hold℠ option. No credit card deposit is required and it's absolutely risk-free. As a Pass Member, this gives you extra time to choose flights and finalize plans. And, if you don't actually need the hotel, the room hold will simply expire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Triphop?

Triphop saves travelers time and money by providing quick, easy access to guaranteed unpublished and hidden hotel rates in millions of rooms and suites worldwide.

What are hidden/unpublished hotel rates?

Hidden rates, also known as unpublished or "secret" rates, exist for unsold hotel rooms that management carefully releases at a substantial discount from the published or "rack" rate. These rates are not promoted or generally shared—they're held back for a select partner such as Triphop with its wide distribution base of frequent travelers.

What is the Triphop Pass?

Membership gives travelers the ability to search and book hidden and unpublished hotel rates that are not found online. Pass members will be able to save up to 60% on each hotel booking.

Is there any fee to join Triphop Pass?

Yes. Triphop Pass is a paid membership.

Do you offer a free trial?

Absolutely. You can try Triphop Pass for free and cancel with no charge during your trial membership.

What will I get with the free trial ? is it limited?

A free trial offers all the benefits of Triphop Pass. You can search and book any hidden rates and save up to 60%. And you’ll love our exclusive 24-hour room hold benefit.

Can I cancel the trial?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. No commitment, risk-free.

How to subscribe to Triphop Pass?

It’s simple. Remember, we always offer a no-risk free trial period.

1) Sign up via email

2) Enter a payment method

3) Verify via mobile SMS

4) Enjoy your free trial

5) No charge until the trial ends.

Do you offer different subscription plans?

Yes. Select the plan that suits your preferences.

What is Free Room Hold℠?

Lock in a rate you like. Free Room Hold℠ is an exclusive, complimentary feature for Pass Members to book and hold a hotel room for 24 hours without providing a credit card. It gives you that extra time for making other trip arrangements. And, if you don't actually need the hotel, the room hold will simply expire without making any charge at all.

How much can I save on hotel prices?

The average savings per hotel stay is 25 percent, but you can save up to 60 percent depending on demand, dates, destination and other variables.

Will I get personalized hotel deals?

Yes. Set your preferences—destinations, hotel type, typical budget—and we will send you the best hotel rates to match your profile. It’s easy to change preferences.

How can I see that these hidden rates are cheaper than anywhere else?

Our newsletter shares and compares Triphop hidden and unpublished hotel rates to those found on Expedia and so you can compare and check the savings in the same hotels.

We also show these prices on our website while you perform a hotel search.

Do you display hotel rates in every destination?

Absolutely. There are 650,000 hotels in the system and more are being added every day.

Can I book a hotel anytime I want?

Yes, book anytime. Hidden hotel rates always appear on the Triphop website. Download our mobile app to book right away.

Do I receive immediate confirmation once I make a booking?

Yes, our booking engine confirms your reservation within seconds and sends you an email confirmation immediately.